A pair of green Bonnevilles

ZiLLA motorsports
One's mostly stock, the other's not

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1993 SSEi - "Greenzilla" - The Toy

Fully loaded with all factory options available

Performance Mods:

Custom transmission w/ HD TC, Diff, shift kit, all the goodies and 18000 GVWR cooler adjustable modulator

Magnaflow Hi-flow catalytic converter

Magnaflow 24" resonator

Magnaflow F-body crossflow muffler

INTENSE 3.5" Fenderwell Intake

PulleyBoys 2.5", 2.2", and 2.0" Supercharger pulleys (depending on setup and tuning)

INTENSE Supercharger coupler

GoodYear Gatorback belts

INTENSE 160 drilled thermostat

Crossover pipe heatshields, custom and aftermarket

NGK TR6 V-Power sparkplugs (summer), NGK TR55 plugs (winter)

MSD 8224 ignition coils (custom laser engraving for cylinder numbers)

MSD Superconductor 8.5mm plug wires

Custom thermal dissipative supercharger coating

F-body aluminum valve covers with thermal dissipative coating

Custom Hi/Lo radiator fan override

Custom H2O/Methanol Injection (Aquamist 0.4mm nozzle)

Fuel injectors flowmatched to less than 1% by FIE

Walbro 255l/hr fuel pump

Casper's adjustable fuel pressure regulator 

ZillaMotorsports Gen 3 M62, stage 2 ported Supercharger outlet, polished inlet

Zillamotorsports flush-mount Intercooler

ZillaMotorsports (Port-matched plus 18%)  Lower Intake Manifold

ZillaMotorsports Ported and polished Gen3 (1995) throttle body and throttle plate shaft

Ported exhaust manifolds (16%), ceramic coated

Exhaust Y-pipe and QTP electronic exhaust cutout with programmable controller

Ported and polished ZillaMotorsports cylinder heads (18% intake, 10% exhaust)

Heavy Duty Cloyes timing gears and chain

Yella Terra 1.8 ratio Rocker Arms

Custom Smith Brothers one-piece chromoly pushrods

CompCams valve lifters

CompCams 105# GN valvesprings

Powerslot hardened slotted rotors with Raybestos quiet-stop ceramic pads

Toyo T1R 245/55-16 Z-rated tires with directional tread

Mickey Thompson drag slicks

Energy Suspension polyurethane swaybar endlinks front and rear

Monroe Reflex struts/ELC shocks

Custom FUNCTIONAL hood vents (from a GTA)

EP Limited Slip Differential

Tuning Mods:

Jet Stage 2 PCM

Cyberdyne voltmeter, trans temp, and vac-boost digital gauges with hi-lo memory

Innovative Motorsports Wideband O2 with digital gauge and laptop logging

Custom Fan override, E-stat and 'happy timing knob' hardwired to the PCM

G-Tech Pro Competition meter


Other Mods:

Custom Supercharger cover

Tinted taillights (VHT nightshades)

Custom cupholders for big gulps

Custom one-off interior door panels and sun visors

2000 SSEi T-shifter with custom leather boot

20% window tint (sides and rear)

Halogen reverse lights (250%)

Custom A-pillar pod

Custom 160-amp alternator (modified from a OEM 140A unit)

Optima 34/78-OR Battery

Dual radar detectors, front and rear (custom hardwire install with status lights)

Cyber-White Navigator foglights with 100W H3 lamps

Silver Star low beams, Cool-Blue high beams

Custom console switches with LED status indicators for radar detectors and G-Tech meter

Custom foglight override to work with hi-beams


1995 SLE Supercharged - "SLEeper" - The Daily Driver

Leather 6-way seats, sunroof, CCR struts (working), ELC rear suspension, FE2 suspension, 7-band OEM CD, Electronic Climate Control, trunk inflator, traction control, performance shift, twilight sentinel, and a bunch more factory options.  Everything the SSEi has except the HUD.

Performance Mods:

ADTR prototype intake #2 of 6 with custom CAI (Zilla's from last year)

Custom transmission, shift kit, adjustable modulator

Custom Hi-speed radiator fan override with status light

INTENSE 180 drilled thermostat

NKG TR55 sparkplugs

Belden Premium 8mm wires

ZillaMotorsports Gen 3 M62, stage 1 ported Supercharger outlet, polished inlet

ZillaMotorsports (Port-matched to stock heads) Lower Intake Manifold

Energy Suspension polyurethane swaybar endlinks

2.5" supercharger pulley

3.5" oversized Supercharger idler pulley

GoodYear Gatorback belts

Other Mods:

Dual radar detectors, front and rear (custom hardwire install)

Cyber-White Navigator foglights with 55W H3 lamps

Custom console switches with LED status indicators for radar detectors and fan override

SunPro boost gauge

Electrochromic rear view mirror (from a '99 SSEi)

Custom cupholders

Custom Supercharger cover

Custom foglight override to work with hi-beams

20% window tint

Tinted taillights (VHT nightshades)

In The Works:

New tires?  Not much more I'd like to do to this car now.