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Floz Supercharger 


At this time, I feel it's best to post some warnings about the quality of Floz products.  

These are my own observations after a great deal of research into the matter, sparked

by the difficulties of one of our members.  Some of my sources are well-known, but

prefer to keep their identities confidential.  That will be respected under ALL

circumstances.  Your trust in me and my reputation on The Bonneville Club will have

to suffice in this matter for the time being.


From Magnusson:

Magnusson is the ONLY source for new rotors. Floz does not use new rotors. Period.
Don't modify the outlet of the SC. No gain, and possible performance loss. Only
a SLIGHT performance gain can be acheived by porting the inlet (less than 5hp). The
smaller pulley was likely the only performance gain acheived. Eaton Blowers are 
already flow-optimized. Floz should have known better than to sell a 94/95 TB to a 92/93
owner. Impossible to gain the hp claimed on Ebay in this manner.

Please note that Magnusson is the SOLE licensed supplier/rebuilder of Eaton Superchargers

worldwide.  They are the ONLY source for rotors at this time.  They are not aware of

Floz's existence (from the Magnusson General Manager and a Magnusson Engineer).


From another SC industry source:

Eaton tested one of the Floz units, and found NO performance gain with a stock pulley.
Floz told this industry source "don't use smaller pulleys, you'll have detonation problems".
Floz does NOT use new rotors. Wild untruthful horsepower gain claims, shoddy workmanship
on some units. Floz is a hot head, and difficult to deal with.

Please note that I paraphrased a telephone conversation, and that some of this information

is hearsay, or at least third person.  I couldn't get confirmation from Eaton or Magnusson

on the apparent testing of the Floz unit.  Please also note the 'hothead' comment, and keep

that in mind while reading this next section:


From Ebay:

This guy has a nearly 10:1 positive to negative feedback ratio on Ebay. 
That's pretty poor. This is more than 4 times worse than a random sampling of 
20 other sellers on Ebay.  The following information are direct quotes and are
already public knowledge.

Response by superstar1988 - Another hostile unreasonable person, this guy has some real problems with others 

Response by superstar1988 - Intake is exactly as pictured and described and works perfectly?????????? 

Complaint : BIDDER BEWARE Did not send item- No Response to Emails. Trying to recover money. 
Follow-up by vball227 - Finally received item .... Very poor communications result in negative feedback 
Response by superstar1988 - This neurotic buyer leaves negative feedback and then realizes he has the item?? 

Response by superstar1988 - Intake is high quality K&N. You should see his emails, he had to be drunk 

Complaint : Wasn't satisfied, offered to refund $ in full(thanks). Took 3 weeks to recieve 
Response by superstar1988 - I cant control mail delivery, offered refund no response, unreasonable 

Complaint : Sellers Beware!! Bids on items without money, then makes excuses! NO GOOD!!!!!! 
Response by superstar1988 - Ask many times for pictures, wheels were at his friends, excuses and no response 

Response by superstar1988 - he is impossible to deal with, reacts, does not work things out, very negative 

Complaint : FRAUD!Sold me an item as new-was broken & attempted repaired.No response anymore 
Response by superstar1988 - Please look at the throttle body. It was new, he breaks it and wants $ back ???


From a member of another prominent Automotive Forum (paraphrased):

Customer ordered the following:

* "Like-new" Eaton M90, supposedly straight from GM-SPO

* Ported & polished inlet at 72mm

* Ported outlet to remove restrictions

* Match-ported throttle body (72mm outlet)

* Fitted with 3.25" Pulley Boys pulley

Customer got:

* The packaging was horrible. Minimal packing material (rolled up

newspaper), resulting in the box ripping open on the side.

* I nearly passed out from the spray paint fumes after opening the

box. Everything was painted this bright silver colour. Even painted

over the PCV cover and s/c oil fill hole. Bad mojo. Shows lack of

understanding thermal efficiency in a s/c housing made of pourous

material (aluminum in the case of the M90).

* He ground all the teflon off the rotors to "improve" them.

Okay, this is not as crazy an idea as you might think. Under high

pressure, teflon has been known to flake off and enter the intake

manifold. Blowers for big block engines often do not use teflon

coating, but embedded teflon strips at the rotor ends for this reason.

Problem is, it looked like he used a Dremel to take the teflon off..

resulting in a grinding noise each time the s/c shaft turned.

Not good.

* Significant scoring anywhere the porting job was done. In two hours

using emory cloth and a polishing material, I was able to remove most

of the grooves. Why couldn't he have done this?

* Blower outlet had assymetric porting job.

* Gasket was torn on the side and it looks like silly putty was used to

patch it up.

And yes folks, this was an example of his *better* work. In all

fairness, the throttle body worked fine after I cleaned it up. But the

fact remains that as a customer, I should not have to do the work

myself. And if FLOZ even has legitimate access to a flow bench, I

doubt they know how to use it (ie. no flow reports included).


From our own Member's experience:

Floz should never have offered an all-inclusive kit for 92-95.  The Series I used

one throttle body size in 92/93, and another for 94/95.  They are not compatible.

Floz should have done their homework before offering this kit.  The inlet was

ported, but not polished (Magnusson claims MINIMAL benefit from doing this).

Basically what was shipped was a half-rebuilt (bearings and coupler) slightly

enhanced (minimally effective porting) M62 Supercharger with a smaller pulley

and custom paint job.  The performance gained was almost entirely due to the smaller

pulley.  Floz's wild horsepower claims of 285hp on Ebay are a huge stretch, regardless

of what other pieces this kit included (ported TB and custom intake).  Wildly optomistic

may be a better term.


My final thoughts......Floz is no longer a quiet little secret in the 3800 performance

community.  I found 2 companies rather quickly that were aware of problems with

service and quality of the Floz business and products.  There was much more information

that came to me which I am unable to share at this time.  Some of the specifics were

very convincing.  My problem is trying to get the point across while respecting the

anonymity of these sources.  I hope I've been able to do this.  I must add that in my digging,

not once did I find POSITIVE feedback on Floz (with the exception of Ebay, and most feedback

entries did not refer to automotive parts).  There was either negative or neutral feedback only.

I personally have not dealt with Floz, but considering what I know now, I know I never will.


Be constantly aware of the deals (especially on Ebay) that seem "too good to be true".  Ask

first, and try to save yourself some grief.  If you learn the hard way, share it so others don't

make the same mistake.


In closing, I'll say that if Floz were to advertise their product for what it actually is, and the price

reflected this, they might be a company to do business with assuming their customer service is

on par with our other dedicated suppliers.  If you want an overpriced basic supercharger in a

different color with an underdrive pulley, they're your source.  Otherwise I'd recommend using

Magnusson Products, Canadian Supercharger, and Pulley Boys as your sources.